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We spent weeks building this in to our system so that in less than a minute and with no tools; you can get rid of the risk of your drivers using their mobile devices against your company policy for good! Now all you have to do is:

  • buy it,

  • plug it in to your vehicle – like snapping in a fuse! 

  • choose the speed in your set up portal for it to lock your mobile devices at the exact speed you select.

Really! it is just that simple! 

if your driver unplugs it you will know and it will still lock down the mobile device.

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Already have an account ? Log in to your portal and set the speed

There are 3 key questions that establish how your system operates across your organization. When you are ready to set up your free account the answer to the questions will automatically set the values for you.


After the initial set up you may want to make changes and you your portal will provide a simple way for you to change these variables and others as needed to run your organization.

To log in to your portal go to:

enter your user id and password that you will receive during your account set up.



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