Why a Virtual Vending Machine?

Selecting, Buying and Deploying Distracted Driving solutions for companies was very complex, costly and time consuming before we built this Vending Machine.

Following the steps in the Vending Machine makes it as easy as:

Click me!
Click me!
Click me!

Guided by our Wizard, you will answer simple questions like:

At what speed do you want to lock down the mobile device? 

  • When Driver gets in vehicle
  • As soon as the vehicle starts rolling
  • At exactly 4 miles per hour
  • Somewhere around 10 mph

What do you want in a camera solution? 

  • External
  • Forward & Rear
  • In Phone / Tablet 
  • Specialty Cameras 

Can I use my existing OBD hardware to control the phone use?

When you are done the system will build your solution and send it right to your existing Android phone / tablet, so you can begin testing right away!

 Built for any size company; by following this process you will quickly build and dispense your solution in minutes rather than days -weeks or more.

 Remember – 1st license is free – try it today

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